Eric Smith Resumé

Throughout my fifty-year career as a photographer, I have documented public life in public places.

Photography gives me the freedom to be in the front row, to explore places I might not have entered without the camera. For me photography has been an attempt to understand what it means to feel. I look for my identity in any photograph I take and never know what I will find it. 

For years, I spent time cruising the streets, mostly in my hometown Detroit, photographing industrial ruins; a requiem for the dead auto factories and neighborhoods, that became urban prairies.

Bored with Detroit, no longer able to handle Michigan winters, I loaded up the Harley and I moved to Florida, rented an apartment in Daytona Beach, the epicenter of biker culture, in time for Daytona Beach Bike Week. My adventures with biker culture over the past few years culminated with the publication of the book “The American Biker” (see The American Biker portfolio of image ).

Recently my adventures have taken me into the LGBTQ community photographing a local Drag Show in downtown DeLand, FL. (see DeLand Pride Drag Show portfolio).

You’re Know Beyond Hope portfolio are the 24 photographs from a show in Lake Worth, FL They can be seen as a survey my work from Detroit, MI and recent travels throughout the southern US.

And the adventure continues!


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